Portland Diapering and Baby-Wearing Workshops



Cloth Diapering 101 at Milagros. Thinking about cloth diapers? This casual gathering is a great opportunity to learn all about cloth diapering, get hands-on advice on diapering choices, and more! It is also a chance to meet other parents who are using cloth diapers or thinking about it.
Where: Milagros Boutique, 5433 NE 30th Ave.
When: Second Sunday and fourth Saturday of every month, 11 AM
Cost: Free!

Diaper Free Meeting at Milagros. Diaper Free Baby of Portland is a local, free support group that helps promote a natural approach to responding to babies’ elimination needs. If you are using this method, interested in finding out more, or are just curious, please come by!
Where: Milagros Boutique, 5433 NE 30th Ave.
When: Third Wednesday of every month, 2-3 PM
Cost: Free

Babywearing 101: Need some help figuring out how to wear your baby? Wondering what baby sling, wrap, or other carrier is the best fit for you? Need some assistance with the baby carrier you already have? Come to Babywearing 101 at Milagros! The support you need awaits.
Where: Milagros Boutique,
When: Fourth Sundays, 11:00 AM
Cost: Free!

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